Tuesday, February 22, 2011

General Meeting Feb. 22, 2011

· Congratulations Halfkaps

· Congratulations to everyone involved with Vagina Monologues

· Thank you to everyone who came out to King of Hearts

· If you want a Kiss Me I’m Greek button

o 1 for $1 2 for $1.5

o Let Matt know

· CNU’s got talent

o Saturday we come back from Spring break

o $5 for student ticket at the door

o 7:30 Studio theatre

· No Shame Theatre

o Scheduling snag

o Potentially March 19th instead

o Matt will inform everyone officially

· Gala Committee

o If you are on it or want to be involved, see Matt

§ We need people!

o No Theme yet

· When you sign up, it is a commitment

o Please follow through on things

o The organization is let down when you don’t follow through

o Don’t sign up if you are unsure

· Business Manager

o Pay dues!

§ Put in Ashley Earick’s box

o Dance Concert shirts

§ $12

§ Sign up on dance callboard

§ Spread the word

o CNU’s got talent

§ Need donations and sponsors

§ We need people to go out and find donations to use as prizes for CNU’s got talent

o If you have a Bank of America account please see Ashley Earick

· Kate will be emailing those on PR Committee

o We need help making the banner for CNU’s Got Talent

· AFKAP Schooner night this Thursday

o National dues: $30 due on the day of inductions

· Inductions are currently scheduled for Saturday March 26th from 10-3

o This event IS mandatory

· Next meeting is March 8th

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vagina Cupcakes!


General Meeting 2-1-11

APO General Meeting 2/1/11

1. CNU’s Got Talent

Auditions went well

26 acts in all auditioned

We’re waiting on one more video submission (Sarah Hayes’s group)

Top 10 will be notified by the end of the week

Event: Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 7:30pm

Fundraising and PR committees need to meet NEXT week to help organize this venture, so check your email!

2. Backwards Broadway

Saturday, February 5, 2011 (THIS Saturday!)

8:00PM (Doors open at 7:30PM)

Music & Theater Hall

Rehearsal with Suzanne TONIGHT at 9:00PM. Meet in the theater hallway!

If you cannot attend, there will be 30 minutes for rehearsal time the night of the event. Please know your music! Practice!

3. APO & CNU Initiative: The Vagina Monologues, a part of the V-Day campaign

Performance: Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 8pm in Yoder Barn (currently)

Rehearsal/Tech: Friday, February 11, 2011 at Yoder Barn (currently)

Selling baked goods & tickets the week of: February 7-11, 2011 in the DSU

Sign-up to work the table

Sign-up to bake cupcakes and other Valentine’s Day related treats

Non-bros get points!

Sign-up by emailing Chrissy by THURSDAY 2/3!


What you’re baking

Ingredients (just basic info, ex: eggs, milk, flour, sugar, etc.):

When you plan to bring it to the bake sale (Try to do it waves… sign-up to bring your goodies on Mon. or Wed.)

4. Publicity Tables for The Ajax Project

Wed - Fri 2/9-2/11 from 11:00AM-1:00PM

Mon - Wed 2/14-2/16 from 11:00AM-1:00PM


Help out the Arts Admin students and publicize TheaterCNU!

Non-bros get points

5. Table Sitting for The Ajax Project

Night of the performances


Non-bros get points!

6. Reveal and Inductions

Meeting with Leah and Kevin Hughes on Wednesday 1-2pm

We will reschedule as soon as possible

Addendum: Plug Directing Showcase auditions + Little Slice of… Submissions

Next Meeting: 2/22/11 at 5:30pm in FERG A201

Congratulations to the Spring 2011 AFKAPs

Willem Krumich
Rene Erichson
Elena Robertson
Allie Polansky
Heidi Mallet
Jeff Dietzel
Leah Kelly
Lauren Whitley

General Meeting 1-18-11

· Welcome Non-Brothers! Thank you for coming!

· Rush Info

o Anticipating smaller class, smaller rush week

§ No rush events Tuesday and Wednesday at 11pm

§ Schooners Night from 4-9 Wed.

§ Thursday night is pajama rama at 11 pm

o Letters are due Friday the 21st by 5 pm in Caitlin Sneed’s box.

§ If it won’t fit, you must find Caitlin throughout the day

o Rush Info is posted on the APO board

o Letter reading is Friday Night

o The list will go up Sunday

o To have a little, Brothers must be in good standing with the organization

§ Give your list of 3 littles and give detailed explanations to Sneed by 8pm Saturday

· Reveal will be Friday 1-28 in rehearsal hall and light lab, Inductions will be Sunday 1-31 at 9 am

· Election results

o Historian: Kelsey Felhner

o PR: Kate Law

o Secretary: Alex Wood

o BM: Alexis Abbey

o Vice President: Chrissy Brinkman

o President: Jaime McWilliams

o New Eboard: As part of your training, please be present at letter reading on Friday Night.

· Upcoming Events

o 7 meetings for the semester. All Tuesdays at 5:30 in Ferg A201

§ The dates are 2-1, 2-22, 3-8, 3-22, 4-5

o CNU’s Got Talent

§ Auditions 1-29 from 10/5

§ Performance Saturday 3/12 in Studio Theatre at 7pm

§ APO Fundraiser

§ Meeting soon with PR and Fundraising

§ Please invite friends to the auditions page on facebook

§ Organizations can form a team of no more than 20 members

§ AT least some CNU Students in each group

§ Can be in no more than 2 performances

o Backwards broadway Sat 2-5

o Initiative/APO’s Vagina Monologues Sat 2-12 8pm, Yoder Barn

o Bake Sale 2-7 through 2-11 in the DSU

o No Shame Friday 3/25 at 10:30 pm at Yoder

o Relay for Life Sat 4-9 at 7pm through Sunday 4-10 at 7 am

o Cabaret Sat 4-16

o Friday April 15 from 4-7 pm, communications carnival

§ Details TBA

o Gala, Tuesday of Exam Week at 6:30

§ Location TBD

o Directing Projects Auditions 2-2 and 2-3 in rehearsal hall

o Directing Projects Performance 4-21

o If you want to do something else, please see the Eboard and we will help you organize it, but it is your responsibility.

APO Meeting 1/11/11

Kyle is resigning from his position as public relations. Sad. Day.

o Whoever is elected as public relations will start early.

· New attendance policy

· Rush is next week

o Letters due Friday 1/21 at 5

o Brothers, if you want a little, please submit a detailed reason for why you want that person. Due by Sat 1/22 at 5 pm

o Monday at 11 pm old letter readings, ice breakers

o Tuesday 1/18, general meeting, 5:30 open to non brothers

o Wed. 1/19, Schooners night from 4-9

o Thurs 1/20 at 11 pm Pajama rama

o Sat 1/22 bigs and littles are assigned

o Big/Little week is from 1/24-1/28

o Reveal is 1/28 at 11 pm

o Inductions are 1/30 at 9 am

· Initiative

o Vagina Monologues

§ Auditions next week after APO meeting 1/18

§ Performance Feb. 12 at 8 at Yoder barn

§ $5

§ VDay campaign raises awareness of people with genital mutilation, rape victims, etc.

· Vday.org

§ Fundraiser for APO, Initiative and VDay

§ 3-4 rehearsals a week.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Major’s Meeting 1/11/11

Welcome Back!

· If you are enrolled in 250L, fill out the purple 250L form and turn it in to Tanya’s box by Monday at 5.

· Copies of the production calendar are available.

· If you never turned in contact info to the department or your information has changed, fill out the bright green form and turn it into Ms. Margaret.

· Gregg

o Be sure to normalize the space after using it.

§ Behind the curtain is not enough, it must be as up against the wall as possible.

§ Please leave the door to the armory clear

o Senior Performance students

§ Those who still need to do their exit exam will have a makeup audition.

· You are still required to participate in general auditions

o Senior Thesis

§ There is a scholar site for the senior thesis class.

· See Gregg if you are not enrolled.

· Professor Hillow

o If you plan to attend SETC, meet with Prof. Hillow

· Genny Wynn

o If you are going to use the Light Lab for your Senior thesis, you must submit paper work to use the light lab.

o USITT is March 10-12 in Charlotte North Carolina

§ TheatreCNU is taking a van

· If you are interested go to USITT.org or speak with the technical faculty.

· See Ms Margaret if you are interested in the van

§ Speak with each other about hotel rooms

· Professor Gillman

o Auditions begin tomorrow night.

§ They are required.

§ Once 60 second monologue and 45 seconds of a song

§ Callbacks are Friday for Ajax and Saturday for Pinafore

o Stage Managers are Alex Wood and Kate Law

o Directing Showcase auditions will be Feb. 2nd and 3rd.

§ Plays will be on reserve in the theatre library next week.

· Bob

o Next week there will be a photographer on campus to take headshots

§ If you are interested, see Ms. Margaret

· Tanya

o Classes

§ If you are a fulltime student you can take 12-18 credits. The 18th credit is allowed but costs extra.

§ If you are enrolled in thea130, you must sign up for a timeslot

· With Thea130, you must take vocal rep at 4:00 on Tuesdays

· If you are waiting for your Jury sheets, they will be ready by the first week of February.

§ Voice II was not offered this semester. Styles was offered in it’s place. Another class that will satisfy the requirement will be offered spring of 2012

· Kathy

o CNU has changed their format for summer classes. 4 classes offered this summer

§ Ballet

§ Thea230

§ Thea145

§ Thea 258

§ There must be a minimum of 15 students

§ You can register now or during spring registration

§ Housing on campus will be available for cheap

o Summer Internships

§ TC.org has a summer catalog

§ Speak with the faculty if you have questions

§ Backstagejobs.com

· Dr. Godwin

o If you are in need of Thea 210 there are 2 classes still available

· JLent

o Callbacks may be separated by gender

o The dance concert will be march 17 and 18

§ It’s free but ticketed

· Miss Margaret

o Office hours are 9-5

o She’s expecting a baby!


o First general meeting is next Tuesday at 5:30 in Ferg A201

o Rush

§ First event is Monday 1/17 following rehearsal

§ Schooners night is Wed from 4-9

o CNU’s got talent

§ Auditions will be sat jan 29 from 10-5 in the studio theatre

· Library

o This semester there will be changes

o Be ready to volunteer see Nate Bechtel

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Minutes from General Meeting 11/30

General Meeting 11/30/10

· Levi will do the Curtain speech for Saturday of One Acts

· Talk Back will be Friday night

· One Acts Friaday and Saturday at 8 pm

· Table Sitters

o Friday: Sammi and Kelly B

o Saturday: Winston and Aaron

· Christmas Party

o Tuesday at 7 pm at Sharolyn’s

o No Seafood or Shellfish because of Allergies

o If a dish contains nuts, please make a note

o Carpool as much as possible

o Keep noise down outside

o Respect our host’s home

§ She has a dog

o Dirty Santa like last year—explanation at the event.

§ Everyone who wants to participate bring a gift

o Tacky Sweater party

· We have 3 brothers leaving this semester

o Bryan Austin, Sharolyn Wright, Megan Geers

o Thanks for your hard work; you will be missed!

· Business Update

o $1249.03 in account

o November Nom Noms brought $152

o Gift Basket raised $72

o Silent auction for CoPo poster placed on APO Board

o Reusable shopping bags for sale…money goes to BC/EFA

· Post Mortem

o Letter Making social next semester?

o Letter Wearing Day?

§ Every other Tuesday?

o Field Day?

o Attendence at events?

§ Be careful of crossing the lines of social greek

§ Make a commitment to be at events instead of an option

§ Hold each other accountable

§ Point system

§ We haven’t implemented it, but there is a point system for Brothers

§ Doodle?

§ Should performance events be mandatory?

· Focus more on performance

§ Sign in sheet

o Start on time/Show up on time

o Best way to get in touch


o AFKAPS giving their say about bigs

§ AFKAPs should have the most say

§ Ask for more preferences?

§ Don’t want to hurt feelings of brothers

· Take a survey?

· Too much pressure

· What qualities are you looking for?

o Mentorship? Friendship?

§ Make optional?

§ Bigs justify why they want Littles

§ Rush committee talking about Big/Little pairing ideas

· Nominations

o Must be seconded. Acceptance will be after break

o Prepare a speech for each position

o President, everything, communication with brothers, eboard, faculty, oversee everything

§ Caitlin Sneed

§ Chrissy Brinkman

§ Levi Shrader

§ Jaime McWilliams

§ Winston Mugford

§ Tim Schwarz

§ Sam Hardee

§ Sammi Geer

o VP, presidents duties during absence, responsible for rush process, available all the time for pres.

§ Caitlin Sneed

§ Chrissy Brinkman

§ Winston Mugford

§ Josh Clary

§ Jaime McWilliams

§ Sammi Geer

o Business Manager, handle all deposits, all money, all dues, t shirt orders, keeping records for self, being organized

§ Brannon Tison

§ Sarah Stephens

§ Kelly Blackburn

§ Chris Tedrow

§ Alex Wood

§ Alexis Abbey

o PR, flyers, facebook groups, events, the enforcer

§ Austin Pike

§ Kate Law

§ Alexis Abbey

§ Derby Sale

§ Afton Reed

§ Kelsey fehlner

o Secretary

§ Sammi Geer

§ Jaime McWilliams

§ Austin Pike

§ Alex Wood

o Historian Take pictures at events, compile them in scrapbook, organize Bulliten Board, take care of T-Shirts

§ Ashley Payne

§ Josh Clary

§ Martin Lawrence

§ Aaron Smith

§ Kelsey Felhner

· First Meeting is Januray 11th

o Brothers only

o After Majors meeting

o Wear letters

o Hear speeches and vote